Timeless Classics: 7 Reclaimed Spaces in San Diego

May 26, 2015, Locale Magazine

Have you ever found yourself at an incredibly cool restaurant, bar, or shopping center downtown and wondered how the establishment held so much character? It is likely that the character of the building comes from a long life and multi-purposed use by several generations that came before us. Here we will discover some of the most notable San Diego sites that have been repurposed and reclaimed for our present use. From preserving our rich San Diego culture to keeping up with the green initiative, reclaimed buildings have become a charming statement of our dear downtown city.

We’ll learn how each site encapsulates the rich and lively history of San Diego in its own unique way. But more importantly, we’ll identify the one essential trend that is woven through each of these historical sites — the opportunity to build community. Yes, these old and precious spaces have turned into modern, trendy watering holes that offer excellent surroundings. But more than the excellent design, more than the product or the service they are providing, these companies and organizations are creating a space that San Diegans and tourists alike can spend time in, connect in, and cherish for years to come.

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