My San Diego Bucket List

Art In The Find, January 29, 2015

I’ve gotten around to getting all mushy and sentimental about this move from San Diego to Toronto already, so I decided one good way to enjoy my beautiful city is to do 10 things that I love doing and know I’ll miss doing when I’m gone.  I’m sharing them with you so that you (if in or coming to San Diego) can share in my small joys too.

If you do happen to share in my love for these things to do in San Diego, I’d love see you share them on Instagram.  I’m trying to start a hashtag but have yet to come up with one that fits everything entirely.  I’m thinking #xxconni because I always sign all my emails to friends and blog comments as such.  What do you think?  For now I’ve got #afsdbucketlist.  Follow me on Instagram @artinthefind to continue to see where I’m at with my San Diego bucket list.