Made in San Diego: Quintessential SoCal flavors

January 21, 2015 USA Today Travel

San Diego is a bona fide contender as a U.S. culinary capitol. There's craft beer in all it's madcap SoCal throw-it-in-the-brew-and-see-if-it-flies interpretations. And there's a serious contingent of talent eager to make their mark and impact the evolution of our nation's culinary renaissance.

Local food and wine "firsts" are achieved lightening fast, sparked by an avalanche of sunshine, surf and salt air. Quirkiness asserts itself on a daily basis, even in the bold cuisine at the city's plentiful resorts, where tourists and locals on the prowl for that detached vacation vibe head to lose their minds and indulge their tastes.

Outward growth of vibrant neighborhoods from the beach and downtown have transformed the city. Cafe culture thrives and diversity rules, all fueled by the proliferation of local farm produce and meats. Beer gardens offer tasty bites that aren't just an afterthought.

San Diego is ready for its close up. Don't just go to play on the beach. Plan to take a bite out of the city and raise a glass of local cheer with inspiration from the gallery above.