11 Foods and Drinks You Absolutely Have to Try When Visiting San Diego


Until recently, San Diego's most sought-after culinary offerings were, simply, whatever you could eat on a patio overlooking the Pacific. Nothing against an oceanside table for two, but the city has quietly grown into a food destination befitting its location: a huge metropolis that mashes up the best of Mexican flavors, Californian experimentation, Pacific Rim seafood culture, beer mad-science, stuck-in-the-'60s post-war Americana, and the surfer's inclination for simple pleasures.

The result is a city whose food and drink, imitated elsewhere, have become a reason to visit San Diego in their own right. We've rounded up San Diego's signature cuisines and libations for you to explore for yourself.


On the other end of the taco spectrum are Tijuana-style street tacos, generally consisting of a doubled-up palm-sized corn tortilla and freshly grilled red or white meat. San Diego and Tijuana are siblings separated by some fences and a giant traffic jam. It was only a matter of time before street tacos made the leap over the border and were adopted as a proper hometown cuisine by San Diegans.



With beautifully outfitted locations in La Jolla and Seaport Village, Puesto pays homage to all kinds of street food. Its classic and original street tacos ride in style alongside other menu options amid its refreshed, modern decor.