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The Headquarters is a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants where everyone can find a little something special—all within walking distance to the Hyatt, the Marriott, the San Diego Convention Center and the Cruise Ship Terminal.

From small groups to oversized tours, The Headquarters' customizable packages allow organizers to purchase ahead of time a select number of meal vouchers, collect the right number of VIP passes and purchase any gift certificates needed.

Through the restoration of San Diego’s Old Police Headquarters, the city has reclaimed a majestic urban treasure by offering an extraordinary new experience; a delightful destination where restaurants on the order of Puesto & Eddie V’s and specialty boutiques such as Kitson and Seaside Paper I Home can make a lasting impression.


Tour Bus Parking & Staging

Tour buses are able to drop their passengers off at our Pacific Highway entrance.

When B Street Pier is open to public parking (exceptions are the day before and day of a cruise ship visit) there are 12 large spaces available for buses for $20 for up to 4 hours of parking.

No other areas on North Harbor drive allow bus staging, only loading and unloading in some areas. Along Pacific Highway there are red curbs that buses can park at, however the driver must stay with the vehicle or risk getting a ticket from San Diego Police. North on Pacific Highway after crossing Taylor Street (about 3 miles from the Embarcadero, across from Perry’s Café and Spawar) there is curb space that is not red.

Cruise Ship Shuttles

Cruise Ship Shuttles

The Headquarters offers a free shopping shuttle for day visitation cruise ships. Shuttle picks up at the cruise ship terminal and drops off on Harbor Drive in front of The Headquarters. Shuttle runs every 15 minutes from 9:30am-4pm.