Pairing chocolates with wine and spirits is even more enjoyable than eating chocolates by themselves. The experience will walk you through the various flavors of cocoa and Scotch. Class cost: $35

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This is two adventures in one: a complete cheese 101 presentation, PLUS classic pairings of 8 wines varietals with 12 cheese types. Truly a great way to explore the wonderful world of wine & cheese. Class cost: $50

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February 27, 2015, San Diego 6

Jay Johnson's Boot Camp shows us how to train like a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.

Bootcamp owners Lynn and Jay test our physical endurance with their military style training at Seaport Village.

FREE BOOTCAMP at The Headquarter's Courtyard area in Seaport Village at 8am tomorrow, Saturday...

Join Jay’s bootcamp every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and train like a Cowboys cheerleader.

The classes will be held every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5:30am, 6:45am, and 8:30am and Satrudays at 8am all over The Headquarters and Seaport Village. Sign up here .

Free classes every Saturday.

We are proud to partner with Jay Johnson , official fitness trainer of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and boot camp training legend!

On February 28th, Jay will be holding a FREE bootcamp class at The Headquarters courtyard starting at 8 am. The class will also utilize Seaport Village’s beautiful boardwalk and meandering...